Terms to know

CROSS-DRESSER: A person who dresses in clothing culturally associated with the other sex.
DRAG QUEEN/DRAG KING: Biological males and females who present occasionally as members of the opposite sex, generally for entertainment.
FTM: An acronym that stands for female-to-male, or, the direction in which a person is transitioning. MTF stands for male-to-female transition.
GENDER: Generally defined as a set of sociologically and culturally constructed roles, behaviors, practices and attributes that a society considers appropriate for men and women. There are many definitions of gender.
SEX: Classification of people as male or female based on biological characteristics, such as chromosomes, hormones, reproductive organs and genitals.
GENDER EXPRESSION: The external display of a person’s gender identity, usually expressed through masculine or feminine behavior.
GENDER IDENTITY: A person’s internal, personal sense of being a man, woman, transgender or other.
GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER: A controversial psychological diagnosis that can be given to transgender people, which identifies the incongruence between the person’s biological sex and their gender identity. Some contend the diagnosis inappropriately characterizes the condition as abnormal. Others say they country’s health-care system needs such a label to justify medical or psychological treatment.
INTERSEX: A person born with the condition of having sexual attributes, such as genitals, hormones and chromosomes, that are neither clearly male or female. Replaces the term, hermaphrodite.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: A person’s physical and emotional attraction to another person.
TRANSGENDER: An “umbrella” term for people whose gender identity or expression differs from their sex. This term includes, but is not limited to, cross-dressers, drag queens and kings, transsexuals,
SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY OR SEX CONFIRMATION SURGERY: A procedure that physically transforms the genitals. MTF surgery is a vaginoplasty; FTM surgery is either a genitoplasty or a phalloplasty.
TRANSSEXUAL: An older term that describes a transgender person who wishes to live full-time as the gender opposite their birth sex.
OTHERS: Androgynous, bi-gendered, gender queer, all with varying definitions to generally describe the blending of genders. Terms largely considered problematic or derogatory:SEX CHANGE OPERATION: The preferred term is sex reassignment surgery or sex confirmation surgery.
TRANSGENDERS OR A TRANSGENDER: The word “transgender” should be used as an adjective, not a noun. The preferred terms are transgender people or a transgender person. TRANSVESTITE: The preferred term is cross-dresser.
OTHERS: She-male, he-she, tranny.

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